Our technology approach

At Intelleuron, we believe that artificial intelligence isn't magic. It is the direct and logical application of electronics and software using biological systems as a role model.

Our development platforms

We are experts in integrating a large variety of existing and proprietary technologies specifically targeting Artificial Intelligence applications:

Intel/Altera FPGA-SOC platforms


Cognimem Neural Networking processors

Bio Inspired Technologies Memristor ICs'

Intelleuron custom GPGPU solutions

OpenCL and CUDA



Development Applications

While not an exclusive list, we are currently working on applying our technology expertise to a wide variety of applications: 

Feature extraction and target recognition from LIDAR data

Automated search and rescue targeting platform

Autonomous sUAS navigation in GPS constrained environments

Near real-time predictive target analysis

Automated drone detection systems

Anomaly based cyber-security intrusion detection

Vision based object identification system

Fully embedded machine learning platforms